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UK Raised Taxes on Families

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UK attacks family benefits in taxation is starting to really impact the economy. The full broad effect of this tax hike is contributing to the economic decline in Britain. Giving benefits and then taking them back only increases the cost of administering taxation. This fails to reduce the cost of government and only amounts to raising taxes. Britain appears headed to a NEGATIVE economic growth rate for 2013.


While we will be providing the special report on the 224 Year Cycle peaking in the United States for 2013 in the United States to those that attend the Princeton World Economic Conference. However, it is suffice to say that there is the World Cycle that peaked in 1972 and then each nation has its own. The fall from grace takes 72 years and Britain peaked in 1913. 72 years later we arrived at the collapse of the British pound in 1985 when it fell to $1.03 against the US dollar. Nevertheless, Britain is headed down sharply in an economic spiral and things just do not look very good for Europe or the United States.