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World Economic Conference – Princeton NJ March 18-19

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We will be holding a 2 day World Economic Conference March 18th & 19th in Princeton, NJ, at the famous Nassau Inn downtown directly right across the street from the University and campus. Space will be limited here (no audience of 300 this time). This is the historic Inn where the founders of the United States stayed when traveling between New York and Philadelphia founded in the 1750’s. The cocktail party will be held in the old historic Inn wooden lobby itself where there were 20 rooms that the founders actually gathered during colonial times.


This Conference will be very important ahead of the major turning points coming after August. Capital is already starting to shift and the turn in the Japanese yen is signalling that our forecast for a change in trend after 23 years following December 1989 appears to be right on target. We see the potential for the dollar rally against the yen to reach 262 level! We are in the critical phase of the Sovereign Debt Crisis and as we now approach the turning point equivalent to that of 1987 Crash on the Economic Confidence Model, we should see some very interesting trends start to emerge. This will be vital to understand for this will be starting what appears to be a two-year coming phase transition.


So get ready. This may be the most important conference we have held since those of 1987. Governments are in meltdown. We achieved the FIRST Yearly Buy Signal on the dollar/yen at the end of 2012. This is confirming what we now face will be anything but what the majority of analysts keep harping about – demise of the dollar.

Seating is very limited because of the Historic Significance of the Venue.

Seating will be $1500