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Trading Seminar March 23rd – Answering your Questions

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This Special Trading Seminar is geared to enable you to Survive Your Own Trading Decisions and this is not merely a marketing phrase to sell a seminar. This is not a day trading seminar. This is about really how to trade, understand the global economy, and how to see the world so you can invest with confidence.

This is not limited to futures, but includes indices and individual equities. One object of this session is how to look at the world as a single entity. Everything moves constantly, yet it is all connected. One financial center’s demise is another’s gain. Simply put, it is impossible for everyone to enjoy a trade surplus. Someone has to have a deficit.

Grasping the world economy as a single entity is strategic to surviving the years ahead. Of course there will be technical and cyclical analysis including how and why cycles invert, If you have no trading experience or you have a lot, this is a session geared to revealing how the economy functions. Buying or selling any instrument cannot be done in isolation. Just as 2011 was the high in gold and the bottom in the Dow, the key to successful investment at the strategic level is seeing these connections. This is your test to being on the correct side of the market. You have to be correct being long equity when gold was declining. Using the world as your guide, you can strategically invest and ignore the nonsense of the talking heads. Everyday they have some fundamental news they announced caused the market to do something. How many even saw the potential for new highs in the share market back in 2011?

Barrons reported the turn we forecast in 2011. This is STRATEGIC INVESTMENT. It is time to see the world in all its complexity revealed in a simplistic manner. Capital has been rushing around the globe for centuries. Cicero wrote that whenever there was some devastating news of some event in Asia Minor (Turkey), it sent a financial panic down the banking street in the Roman Forum. In 1720, there was the Mississippi Bubble collapse in Paris and then the South Sea Bubble bust in London. People have always been investing capital around the globe. International Capital Flows are nothing new – they are simply the way the world functions.

The mainstream press will normally never report our views because the implications are far-reaching. How can a politician run for office saying vote for me if he is incapable to actually changing the trend because it is driven internationally? How can TV or newspapers have something to offer audiences if the talking heads are irrelevant? The truth behind international movement alters so much. One day, perhaps with luck, we can pass to a new era of understanding. But for now, we have to use the world for STRATEGIC INVESTING and this opens a new dimension to Asset Allocation.