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The Propaganda Begins – Both Sides are Deeply Entrenched in Manipulating What Cannot be Manipulated

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It is always good to read the words of the other side of any debate. If you cannot see their point of view, you will never grasp what the future holds. Marxism has not died. The only hope for that comes at the minimum time frame for a change in long-term trends, which is 26 years. The fall of Communism in China and Russia in 1989 was just the beginning of the collapse in Marxism that the West is starting to face with the crisis in pensions and the disintegration of local government and sovereign debt. That minimum target is actually 26 years from 1989 and that brings us to guess what – 2015. The next two targets are 37 years (2026) with the major target being 43 years (10 * 4.3 = 2032).

The entire problem is both the West and Russia want to manipulate society and the economy to achieve their personal political goals. Both do not really believe in free markets for that goes against their perceived personal power. The rhetoric continues to rise from both sides and it is becoming increasingly clear that while Communism fell, the core ideology has not for all issues are still framed therein.

The game is afoot. The dogs of war have been unleashed. We are entering perhaps the MOST DRAMATIC period of conflict we have ever seen since the fall of Rome. Our models are converging and that is not very good. This convergence is internal strife (civil unrest) combined with outright international war. The worst of these trends will start to make themselves known after October. We will review this in detail at the Cycle of War Conference on March 21st, 2014 (see report).