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Cycles of War – Gold – Sovereign Debt Crisis Conference March 21st

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2014-Cycle War Conferences

The Cycles of War – Gold & Sovereign Debt Crisis will be held at the Philadelphia Convention Center between 1 and 5PM on March 21st, 2014. The seating is limited and will be on a first come first served basis. This session will include an overview for what is coming and the outlook for Gold into the years ahead without the hype and propaganda – just the real facts.


We will be reviewing the Cycle of War at this Conference and how its impact will be tremendous upon the trend of the markets as we move forward. The ideal peak in this trend is normally 6 years from its beginning and that is starting now with Ukraine in 2014. Ukraine is the DIRECT focal point between the powers for Kiev was once the capital of Russia. Between here and 2020 and the next 8.6 year cycle are going to be very critical top the financial future that lies ahead.

Because of the numerous requests from people to attend asking about their spouse and children, we are trying to accommodate these requests and have added special prices for a spouse and for children who are students you may wish to educate. Please keep in mind that seating is not unlimited. We are trying to make this an educational experience for those who attend.


Married Couples $350.00

Add Spouse $100 to Existing Ticket

Add Child $50 – Student In School