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Socrates Update

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Sala de servidores 3


We are working on the interface this week for the new system. We will inform you when it is ready for prime time. We will also be putting up maps of the world so you can see capital flows globally. We will keep you updated. We are looking to improve functionality and redesigning the look and feel.

Sample only – Not Actual





We are working very hard to get this up and running. Keep in mind we are migrating this to the web so that you will be able to ask Socrates questions and Socrates will respond back all over the web. This has really never been done before. We are making a major leap here is so many fields of technology. This will set the standard for the future – trust me.

Those asking if we need funding – no. Thank you. I have always been self-funded thank God. Otherwise, selling new ideas is never easy. Columbus had to go to Spain because they did not believe him in Genoa. Trying to convince people to put up money for something like this that is way over the top would be a difficult sale because they would naturally think it is BS. This is not something that can be put up for just a few million. This is serious stuff.

This is the system that opened my eyes and TAUGHT me how the world really works. Knowledge does not just appear out of nowhere – you have to develop it. By creating a computer that was really Artificial Intelligence that functioned humanly as a researcher instead of following a predefined script of rules, what emerged was a look into the how the world honestly ticks. Naturally, there will be people with opinions that will disagree. That is fine. We need people on the opposite side to trade against. That is what makes the world tick so do not worry that everyone would every follow one system – that is as impossible as creating a one-world government with harmony.