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Progress Report on Model & Services

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This has been a long-time coming and we greatly appreciate everyone’s patience. The progress we have made will blow most people’s minds. You will be able to speak to your LAPTOP or IPhone/Samsung Note and access reversals, charts, arrays, and forecasts for everything you see on the Global Market Watch. Phase II, we will expand this into every stock in the world.

We will be providing a Demonstration at the World Economic Conference on how to use this amazing tool. There is simply nothing out there like this that is even on the drawing boards.

You will be able to talk to our Website and it will respond. The pricing will be the per-access. Therefore, you can buy accesses or clicks varying in price based upon quantity. You can then access anything on a global basis. You will be able to subscribe to a given market if you prefer to have that market delivered to you every day or week.

We will be publishing examples of questions you can ask as a guide. We are also working on multi-language access so you can speak in your language and the computer will understand be it English, German, French, Spanish, Russian, Japanese, or Chinese as an example.


You will soon see what a fully functioning Artificial Intelligence computer can really do. It is the only one of its kind connected to the entire world.