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World Economic Conference 2014

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2014-Mar 25-26 WEC Conference


Princeton March 2013

Tues-Wed March 25 & 26: Two Day World Economic Conference $2,000  This will include a review of the world economy and the global correlation of the world financial markets. We have been holding annual events of the WEC since 1983. This has been one of our most popular conferences for it also provides a chance to network with people from around the world. These conferences are limited to less than 100 seats to ensure that there is a two-way flow for everyone to get the most out of these type of events.



This year, we will be providing a demonstration of our models and the access that clients will have shortly. We will also be providing a recommendation as to the best performers into 2015 – the “big movers” as they have come to be known. We will be demonstrating our computer models and look at what will be the most dynamic aspect of the financial system that is changing and shifting preparing for the final conclusion to the Sixth Private Wave. We will be demonstrating the Fourth Dimension and how to employ this to survive and trade the years that lie ahead.


WEC Conference $2000.00