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Pattern Recognition Merging with Cycles – New Services

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We will be launching a new version of the Global Market Watch. We have increased the capacity for the computer to record patterns to increase the accuracy starting January 2nd. There will be two more pages added soon thereafter. The Second Page provides a detailed short history of that instrument as illustrated here on the daily – weekly – monthly levels. Those who have asked why does the monthly and weekly levels CHANGE from day-to-day. This is because the LAST entry is dynamic. Therefore, the current week and month are being assessed as if that day is the last day. It will become FIXED once the month and week are complete. The current week would be commented on using data of say Monday to Wednesday as the week unfolds.

 Second Detailed Page: DJIND-12-27-2013

The third page will be the computer written report with the arrays, reversals, and comments written by the computer.

Third Page: DJIND-R

We will also have available our famous MAPS or the market outlining the levels of resistance and support in a very easily used form for traders.


We will also soon have available a detailed Forecasting Array with the patterns and number counts.

Forecasting Array: Array

These products will be available on a per access basis since we will have virtually every stock in the world and market covered. This will enable clients to have consistent forecasting on a known system free of personal opinion, bias, and assorted nonsense. We will be including these in the 2014 Training Conference to be held March 23rd.

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We will begin accepting payments and reservations AFTER January 1st.