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Obama May go down as Worst President in History

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It is interesting to watch how the Democrats try to distance themselves from Obama. He may go down as the absolute worst president in history. One has to ask was this some sort of plot to make sure no black president will ever be elected again? Is Obama really in charge? Perhaps they just hand him a golf club like Hillary handed Clinton bimbos so she could run the joint.



I attended the National Press dinner in Washington where Clinton delivered the keynote speech. I was sitting at the table with the conservative TV journalists and his speech was so good, everyone had to really applaud – except the few very famous guys I was sitting with. I said to them – come on! That was a fantastic speech in how it was delivered. They conceded that, but still did not like the content.

Most people have no idea that Clinton was elected with less than 50% of the popular votes. Clinton was elected with just 43.01%. The only president to have been elected with a lower percentage was Abraham Lincoln during the election of 1860 (John Quincy Adams does not count being the first public election).


The Democrats just want to be the first for everything – first to support slavery in the early 1800s, first to adopt Marxism in the late 1800s, first to confiscate gold creating two-tier monetary system, first to elect a Catholic, the first to elect a black president, and soon to be the first to elect a woman. Lot of firsts in there.

We will run our political models soon to see who wins 2016. This will be interesting for as the economy turns down from 2015.75, one year is a long-time for election. The Obama stench just may be so great, that rise in a third-party looks possible now.