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Is there a Way Out?

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I live in Canada.  Our PM had our former finance minister take the fall for their blatant corruption, is blocking and tackling every move to bring it to light and is turning our parliamentary government against the people, working to crush the economy, impose lockdowns, raid our government-mandated employment insurance funds to provide universal income under different guises, even congratulating Biden, pushing vaccines, masks, etc. exactly following the globalist gameplan.  The government here is doing whatever it can to push the boundaries of freedoms supported by the media everywhere here, and unlike the US – Canadians still put too much faith in government.

What’s ongoing around the world (marxism/socialism/communism ‘revolution’, WEF, ID/vaccine tagging, Covid, control, loss of freedoms, indoctrination of the youth, MSM manipulation, etc) let alone in the US is very disheartening.  Many of my friends and family remain oblivious to the larger picture.  I see it, albeit without the full picture – I see some of the moves, countermoves and manipulation playing out.

You’ve mentioned repeatedly that from a cycle perspective, you have never seen cycles altered, however, you have seen the amplitude affected and cycle inversions.  What do you believe can be done by whoever (myself, people, groups, agencies) to minimize the negative amplitude of this draconian decline so we can moderate a hard fall, possibly push forward a bloodless revolution and steer towards a future we want to live in?

The US particularly has only really been around for one 309year/224year cycle (if memory serves).  However, we have instances of prior civilizations/empires surviving multiple rounds largely intact before their eventual decline – what are some key differences and attributes we can look to moderate?  Is there anything that can be done to push forward a cycle inversion and prevent the worst-case scenario from playing out?  I see President Trump’s plans are starting to play out, possibly with a climax in the coming weeks/months although that also remains uncertain.

I appreciate any thoughts you could provide.


1 ECM 2032 Notes

ANSWER: Those elitists have wrongly assumed that war takes place between governments and as such eliminating competing governments and creating just one will eliminate war. This is the entire theory behind creating the EU as even the former French President clearly states in the EU Parliament. Socrates has been warning that (1) the peak in Western government took place in 2015.75. One year before, the European Central Bank (ECB) moved to negative interest rates in 2014 destroying their bond markets and undermining pension funds. That was the beginning of the end for after 6 years, all the creation of money by purchasing government debt has failed to provide any stimulus and as a result, the ECB has lost all power and is trapped. I have offered a solution that preserves our way of life but reduces the power of the politicians. They prefer Schwab’s solution – seize all assets with Communism 3.0 and default on debt.

There is no question that Trudeau has met with EU leaders ahead of the U.S. election to reinforce support their real agenda to push for a Great Reset that will destroy businesses. Biden will impose a nationwide lockdown probably by February 2021. The Canadian politician who is said to have leaked the new COVID lockdown plan and ‘Great Reset’ dictatorship stating that Australia has signed on to this I have been unable to verify that it is authentic. However, everything it says from the IMF saying all property is to be surrendered in return for wiping out all personal debt is very much what is being said behind closed doors in Europe. Hence, the Canadian leak is not inconsistent with what I know from other sources.

Guaranteed Basic Income

Biden will impose a lockdown on the entire country when he takes office destroying countless small businesses. This is all part of a plan to destroy jobs making people dependent on the state with Guaranteed Basic Income and the bourgeoisie which in Marxism is small businesses. Marx saw the bourgeoisie as the social class that came to own the means of production during modern industrialization and whose societal concerns are the value of the property and the preservation of capital to ensure the perpetuation of their economic supremacy in society. He never considered the employment they provided but instead they would have nothing without labor. This is the objective of the lockdowns. You can see it already in London.

The U.S. presidential election of 2020 confirms the general trend rushing into the arms of Schwab because they cannot continue to sell debt and they cannot ever pay off what has already been accumulated. Pensions of state workers are insolvent. Even in the United States Social Security is insolvent for it invests only in government bonds and earns next to nothing.

We are looking at these measures as their only way out and the vast majority of people are oblivious to reality. This will lead to the dissolution of nation-states such as Canada and the United States. In Canada, it will take the form of war between the west v east. In the USA it will be the South & Mid West against New England and the West. The world population is going through a crisis of civilization and is inexorably heading inexorably towards a new civil war that will break out in many countries that should logically lead to the partition of the countries. This instability should result in the end of the West as a super-power.

I seriously doubt that we can reach a bloodless resolution. There is a far greater risk that we have crossed the Rubicon. The politicians have turned to hate-politics to win. Even unleashing racism just to win the election was a huge mistake. They will not be able to put that back in the bottle again until the next election.