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Germany to Throw in Prison People with Swiss Accounts

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Uli Hoeness is the president of one of Germany’s most famous football clubs who has been put on trial and sentenced to 3.5 years in prison for tax evasion having accounts in Switzerland. Hoeness, 62, was charged with just €3.5 million ($4.87 million) but admitted to evading €28.4 million ($39.6 million) in taxes on income earned in secret Swiss bank accounts. He intends to appeal for it clearly never pays to tell the truth to governments who only know how to lie.


It is also ironic that the Swiss secret accounts were created because Hitler made it illegal for a German citizen to have an account outside of Germany. The Jewish were getting their money out of Germany, but of course that is overlooked. Merkel grew up in the East so she may not see anything contradictory here.

This illustrates the entire problem with taxes. There is never enough for the politicians who are someone if you gave €10 to go to the store to buy something for €2, surely they would never return with the change. When it comes to money, you can’t get their fingers out of your pockets. What is their’s is their’s and what is your’s is their’s whenever they need it.


Taxes are destroying the economy. There is no longer any need for taxes when money is no longer tangible anyway – but simply the total productivity of the nation. Adam Smith’s invisible hand is spot on even today. I do not care how much someone has, it is HUMAN to try to retain what you have earned. National Taxes are a barbaric relic from the past. The only taxes that are even reasonable are local when that government does not create the money.

These people are destroying the world economy and imprisoning everyone they can get their hands on will be accomplishing nothing to reduce the over 60% unemployment of the youth. We are dealing with antiquated ideas of economics and how to manage the government. We have embraced everything modern to spy on people except the way we manage government.

So what will you do when you imprison everyone who creates jobs for those who prefer less risk? What then? Society cannot wait for this older generation to die for they have surely doomed society to war and taxes.(see Solution).