World Economic Conference vs. General Non-Investor Audiences

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QUESTION: Hello Martin,

Have you ever considered holding a world economic conference at a university for us younger followers at a more affordable cost. I am sure there are more like myself who would love the opportunity to hear your thoughts on the current issues that plaque our society, as well as ways in which we can fix them going forward. After all it is the younger generations perspective that must be changed if we are to dramatically alter the current situation in the future and generations to come.

Thanks as always for all you do and the countless individuals like myself you help to enlighten.

ANSWER: These World Economic Conferences are about investing. The conferences are two-day events that cover the world in detail. This year includes a boot camp for analysis, including how to use the model. Once you understand the methodology, you can look at any market in the world and instantly understand its trend.

We do hold shorter sessions for much less that are geared for the general public. They are the informative sessions rather than specific investment strategies. So they are two different animals. We do try to address this area as well. We are certainly doing that with Socrates as well.

These WEC events are a tremendous amount of work for we have to cover the world and bring in the correlations for everyone to see. They are fantastic for networking and bring together the world to the point that you can see the capital flows within the room.