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The Next Four Years After 2015.75

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Rome Collapse 86 Years


QUESTION: What will happen after 2015.75? Can you share anything?

Thanks from those who cannot attend your conference


ANSWER: All systems tend to collapse in ten 8.6-year waves, and the last 4.3 years are typically the worst. That is what we should see between 2015.75 and 2020.05. By comparison, the Roman Emperor Valerian I was the first emperor captured by the enemy. He was used as a footstool while wearing the purple robe of an emperor. When he died, he was stuffed like a trophy. That was in 260 AD. The next four years saw a complete collapse of everything, including religion. Romans prayed but nothing happened; this is when Christianity took off.

We are now approaching that same last 4.3-year leg in socialism from 1934. This is the peak in confidence in government and it will evaporate rapidly as it did in 260 AD. This is not the end of the world, but it will be a chance to push back to restore our liberty. It will get bad at first because government will fight hard going into 2017. By mid-2018, we should begin to see the trend with more clarity for once and all.