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The Hunt For Money Is Everywhere

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Hi Martin,

Long time follower.

I just bought a house in TN and I had the experience of proving where the money from a Vanguard account transferred into my checking account came from. The lender would not accept the Vanguard or bank account statements. I had to go to the bank and actually get the transmittal numbers and fax that to the lender. The personnel at my bank had never experienced this request before.


REPLY: The horror stories are pouring in. It is now evident that the government requires banks to trace every penny you have before getting a mortgage. This has NOTHING to do with terrorism; it is the entire purpose of the NSA grabbing every phone call, text message, and email. They are hunting YOU. The banks act as their agents, tracking what you are doing, and reporting back with the answers.

Perhaps now those who did not understand our SOLUTION and why the key central piece is to demonstrate that we no longer need taxes since money is no longer tangible. If we do not end federal taxation, we will be driven fully and completely into a subservient society, bowing before not kings or gods, but government employees begging for mercy.

Poseidon temple

It is a serious misconception to think of the ancient gods like Poseidon in the same context that we envision God today. They were never seen as a creator. They were more of a master race that played with humans. If you were going to take a journey by sea, Poseidon was more of the characterization or human embodiment of the sea. You went to his temple and prayed for him to leave you alone and grant you a save journey.

This is the way we are being driven to pray to government employees, “Please just do not take everything!” They are the embodiment of state greed; they have no mercy. They are converting bankers into the evil eye that reports everything you do to government. They have full immunity and as we have seen, they can kill us without ever facing a charge. This is precisely what Thomas Jefferson included in the Declaration of Independence:

“For protecting them, by mock Trial, from punishment for any Murders which they should commit on the Inhabitants of these states…“