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Greece & Brussels’ Quest to Dominate Europe

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QUESTION: Marty, I want to say congratulations. You stood up there in Berlin in 2012 and said the Euro-Swiss peg would break and that Greece would ultimately leave the euro. I can’t wait for this year’s Berlin conference. Wonder if the central bank of _________ will attend again? I suspect that Brussels will not back down since this is all about their domination of Europe. Do you see this contagion rapidly tearing Europe apart with separatist movements cropping up everywhere?

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ANSWER: I cannot comment on who will attend this year. Yes, I was surprised the central bank admitted to everyone who they were and their comments were concerned about our forecast for gold and its impact upon their reserves  That aside, the answer is yes. We should begin to see some dissent rise rather rapidly within the scheme of things. I do not know any academic in the USA who even agrees with the policy of Brussels and its drive for austerity. So when the academics do not even support their policy, one must wonder, what is really going on in their minds? It appears to be as I wrote – World War III with a pen and it is all about domination, as you mention.

Podemos, the left-wing party in Spain, is rising and taking on the analogous image of the Syriza party in Greece against the austerity measures in Europe. Podemos is now on par with the two mainstream parties. As poll published on Sunday for the newspaper “El Pais” showed the conservative PP is of Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy with a 23% lead, followed by the socialist opposition at 22.5% and 21.5% for Podemos.

We have a major generational shift going on and it will be out with the old and in with the new. The older generation dominates the world, yet they were supposed to be the hippies who grew up to become the enemy against which they protested in the 1960s. Well the hippies are the old “establishment” crowd and it is time they roll over.