Comment From France

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Hello sir,

In your last blog article about France, you mentionned the come back of Sarkzoy.

Although, i do not rule out a possible victory, he has few chances as he’s one of the most despised politician in every single opinion survey in France. He’s considered as clueless and corrupted than Hollande. Since he has shown no ability to govern France between 2007 and 2012, people associate him with his socialist fellow. Typically, Hollande/Sarkozy is just as the Bush/Clinton thing.

As you often mention a pick in “third parties activities” in 2016, i would rather focus about the populist party “National Front”.

Her leader, Marine Le Pen, is now at 31% in the pre-electoral campaign polls


REPLY: Our models do not show Sarkozy winning. The point was that his “friends” have taken over the media in France and fired people to bring in pro-Sarkozy journalists to TRY to move the French vote back to him. My meeting with the youth in France for TV was very interesting. They asked me what they could do to change things.

We are in a generational shift as important as the 1960s. This will change political trends around the world. The old elites are dying out. All we can do is hope to embrace a new thinking process coming from the youth. This may be as important as May 1968 when the French cultural revolution took place.