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1929 v 2015.75

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Noting the 86 year Sov Debt cycle referred to in the Greek 2017 post,what about the 86 years from the Dow high in 1929?

Since it arrives in 2015.75 and is 10k times Pi or 10 times the 8.6 year cycle it ‘sounds’ significant.Given the phase transition yet to come might it mark a low in the Dow?
Thanks for the continuing education !

ANSWER: Yes. This is another important aspect that warns we may have that Phase Transition if we achieve a low instead of a high. This would be a cycle inversion and we will go over the evidence of that at the World Economic Conference. Everything will be moving relative to the Debt Crisis. This is one of those times where the majority must lose money for it is how the entire political economic system readjusts. This is the nature of the beast and those who think they can forecast this from an opinion perspective – well, good luck. They haven’t experienced anything like this before.