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The Plot to Seize Russia – EBOOK NOW AVAILABLE

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The electronic ebook version of “The Plot to Seize Russia” is now available at most major retailers. The ebook is compatible with Kindle, Nook, and most electronic readers. The citations are hyperlinked, providing the reader with insight into our research. We priced the book at $40 so everyone can access this crucial information. Check out why this book quickly became a top-seller for economic policy.

As on reviewer wrote: 

Brilliant! The key insights I needed to understand both the current proxy war and pandemic

After seeing "The Forecaster" movie on the author's life and encounter with "the club" of money men who play both sides against the middle I've gained a new appreciation for Armstrong's contention that "history is entirely different from the propaganda we are led to believe". Martin seemingly knows everybody and all the secrets, and has been in high demand (usually during financial crisis) for private consults at breakfast tables of world leaders of both the left and right since the era of Margaret Thatcher. His observations and insights into the the motivations and thought processes of power brokers are invaluable in understanding where the world is headed. Buy this book!