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Coins for XMas

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Alexander Great Drachm hoardAthenian Owl Hoard

Rauceby Hoard

Persia Darius Xerxes Coinage

A Lot of people have written in asking if I have any more Athenian Owls and other coins from hoards. I will count how many Athenian Owls and Alexander the Greats I have left. It will not be a lot. I have been trying to buy a Gallic Hoard of the 3rd century recently discovered with 3,000 coins. Naturally, they are all not salable. I am also working on a hoard of Persian Darius Siglos, but they are circulated and not as detailed as the one pictured here. Nevertheless, this is most likely from the famous invasion of Greece defended at the  Battle of Thermopylae. Hoards that far back to the 6th century BC are quite rare compared to the collapse of Rome during the 3rd century AD.

I believe we will have some inexpensive Roman coins for the $100 or so for those looking to give a gift to a child or grandchild in hopes of inspiring a love for history.

Hopefully, I will be able to post them by next week.