2022 Year-End Report

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As we approach year-end for 2022, we will look at the various key markets to gain a sense of what the future will bring. We are clearly headed into a chaotic period and in the United States, now that the Republicans control the House, that is where the fun lies and it will be retribution time including impeachment proceedings and a deep dive into Hunter Biden. This alone should keep 2023 interesting politically and we will see the mainstream media try to paint themselves and the Biden Administration with halos and reject any criticism whatsoever. In the process, they are destroying the United States for our days will be numbered just as every civilization that has gone before us.

As they say, when Rome fell, the people were still distracted by the games cheering and laughing as the barbarians came crashing through the gates.

The 2022 Year-End Report – $300

Those who Attended the WEC – This Report is in your Portal 

It Was Included in the Ticket Price