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2022 Year-end Report


The 2022 Year-End Report provides an overview of the markets as we head into the closing for the year. We have provided the resistance and the support to provide a view of what we should be expecting as we finish 2022. We are finishing what has been an important change in direction for so many markets around the world. The fate of the dollar and what lies ahead has been confusing to many. There have been people claiming to be hedge fund managers who just operate from their personal opinion. They have relied upon the standard theories and offered nothing but just opinion waiting to blow up. We have watched FTX collapse and question if Sam Bankman-Fried will ever be prosecuted because he was maybe the biggest donor to the Democrats. Real Estate peaked in December 2021 and turned down right on cue in January 2022. So it has been an eventful year. THIS REPORT IS INCLUDED WITH ALL WEC TICKET PURCHASES



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2022 Yr End Overview