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Strange Movement in Capital Flows – Someone is Trying to Push Markets

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NIKICH-W 4-28-2016

IBJYVJ-W 4-28-2016

There is a lot of volume focusing on the yen and the Nikkei. It appears someone is trying to push the markets through support and there is a lot of volume taking place. They seem to be trying to crack the Nikkei and are selling the dollar. It appears they are trying to crack the Nikkei in an attempt to create a lot of blood in the streets. This is curious for we are at extremes in markets and they can easily get trapped if they fail. There is no viable sustainable trend to be had here. Where do these people think the markets will go? The odds are greater for a rise in interest rates than a sustained decline long-term. So either they are insane, or they are fishing to push the markets and play off the stops they elect. It may be the latter like the good old days of trying to run the stops.