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Property Rights are Human Rights — 2032.95

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Here is a simple explanation of property rights for those who would like to abolish capitalism. Klaus Schwab says, “You will own nothing, and you will be happy.” I think it is important to understand what this entails. I have said before that socialism cannot exist outside of authoritarianism to force people to comply with its mandates. Under communism, the government seizes the means of production, land, and you own nothing. While there are different forms of socialism, the government has the ability to take your property rights away through taxes and laws to prevent anyone from being unequal.

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That said, the third cycle of the 51.6-year Economic Confidence Model wave from the rise of socialism in 1882.45, 1934.05, and 1985.65 is the wave when Marxism collapsed. Governments and people like Klaus Schwab are making a major effort to take over the world by sheer force and have used this virus to destroy the economy to justify nationalizing industry. The very first wave into this cycle saw the collapse of communism in 1989.95 and 43 years later (half an 86-year cycle), we will experience the collapse of Western socialism — 2032.95. There is no stopping this cycle, but we can, at best, reduce the amplitude.