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The Reversal Phenomenon

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QUESTION: Marty; I have been reading your blog on gold and get all your reports. One things that I have notices was this 1206 number. Back in 2013, it was important back then. Here it showed up again in 2015. This seems to be an amazing number. Can you explain why.

Reversals Timing

ANSWER: This is yet another dimension to the Reversal System. It is rather rare, but certain numbers emerge there that are incredible invisible lines within a given market. In gold, that number was 404.60 during the 1980s. Long-time readers will remember that number for it too was an amazing pivot point. Bullish and Bearish Reversals were generated and this same number of 404.60 emerged.

Today, it seems to be 1206. True, it was appearing in 2013 and now again it has emerged once again. It has now become a Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Bearish. So it is migrating to more levels in time. I am not entirely sure that we can predict if such numbers in advance will be the ones to reappear time and again. It is a phenomenon that warrants more investigation. Since this model is physics based it is complex. Sometimes it will produce a high or low precisely or within a few ticks. The Monthly Bullish from the December low has remained unchanged at $1362. We warned back on February 11 that 1362 was the top of the range for gold that it had to exceed: “The Monthly Bullish stands up at 1362. That is what we need to elect to suggest that a change in trend is possible.”

It is fascinating to watch the precision within markets. I always have to laugh when people try to attack me in the same manner as other analysts, claiming I am wrong for one reason or another when these numbers are not what I “think” and they are certainly not my opinion. They simply exist within any market. This is what I mean when I say analysis remains predominantly in the Dark Ages, rolling sticks and bones and trying to read the entrails of animals to predict the future. Sorry, this is not me.