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UK to Ban WhatsApp Messaging Service

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The UK is ready to ban WhatsApp thanks to the Investigatory Powers Bill, also known as “Snoopers Charter”. This new act will allow the government to ban instant messaging apps that refuse to remove end-to-end encryption. The British want to peek at what everyone is doing for taxes. They already have signs all over stating they are hunting tax evaders.

Prime Minister David Cameron, Mr. Conservative, is keen to press ahead with the new legislation. It has NOTHING to do with terrorists. This is all about taxes.


Genghis Khan had a very cool way of securely transmitting secret messages. He too never wrote anything down on paper. Instead, he tattooed secret messages on the shaved heads of messengers and when their hair grew back, they went to deliver it.

Terrorists today will NEVER use emails, text messages, or anything of the sort when in fact they already know that government is collecting everything. Therefore, the only purpose of collecting everything is just to hunt citizens for taxes. Any smart terrorist would send messages by courier or restore to the scheme of Genghis Khan, or how about using homing pigeons, which worked well for the Rothschild bankers.