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The French to Surrender ALL Rights?

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The French newspaper LeMonde has reported from leaked documents just how much the Hollande government wants to repeal the Constitution. Under this state of emergency, Hollande wants to allow “searches of vehicles and luggage without the consent of individuals…identity checkswithout the need for law enforcement to prove circumstances special” and “an obligation to report his movements measurement (intermediate step before the arrest).

That still does not go far enough for Hollande. Without consent, Hollande wants to take “DNA samples” and fingerprints, for example. Then it gets much worse. He wants to “prohibit the free Wi-Fi connections and shared” during the state of emergency and remove “public WiFi connections…under penalty criminal sanctions because of the difficulty of identifying people connected.

By declaring war on TERRORISM, one does not face a country or an army. Thus, this becomes a war that can never end. We no longer need an invading army to destroy Western culture. Our politicians will do it for us.