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Nigel Farage – Britain’s Last Hope?

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QUESTION: Marty; you probably do not remember me but I too lived in London two doors down from you in Cornwall Gardens. I watched your Solution Conference. It took a few days to sink in yet it was terribly enlightening. I believe you could really help Britain. We kept the pound thanks to Maggie so that is half the battle won. I heard you have been in contact with Nigel Farage. What is your opinion of Nigel if I might ask.

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Farage Nigel


I believe Nigel is the best hope for Britain. His dad was a stockbroker in the city and Nigel, like myself, began trading commodities in the city. This is why he can see things that others cannot even comprehend. He understands capital flows. You just have to be in the markets to see and feel the global economy at work.

Yes, I have been in contact with Nigel – but I confess, I have been so busy I have not had the time to discuss our solution with him. That is my fault. I have a lifetime of work to do in a few years.

It would be difficult to explain that you no longer need taxes in two weeks to the nation, but the bottom-line is rather simple. This is the ONLY way to restore the middle class. Government is consuming everything. Nigel can explain that he will get rid of VAT and impose a sales tax that will reduce the cost of collection, and that will change the unfairness of people who live there but routinely leave and get their VAT back at the border. The sales tax can be set to start at 50% of the VAT level. With the anti-migrant issue being very high, this would be my first advice that could be explained in two weeks or less. This will also attract business from continental Europe.

Europe does not need the EU – they are going down the drain and the EU needs Britain. Let’s make that absolutely clear. The SNP should win in Scotland and they will pull out of the UK unless there is serious reform.


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