Le Pen vs Merkel & Hollande at the European Parliament

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Le Pen warns that France is subservient to Germany. She stands for independence and sovereignty, which is the cornerstone of the French Constitution. Hollande argues that they are creating a single Europe because of two wars, but he cannot see that this dictatorship is indeed creating massive discontent, which creates the risk of war. Le Pen states that the massive invasion of refugees is insane.

Hollande & Merkel fail to grasp that a successful Europe does not require one government and one cultural policy nor one currency with one debt. Europe should be the freedom of movement, free trade, but not one government. Even in the USA, there are rumblings of separatism for one policy in Washington that is against the culture of one state. Such dominant central governments have never survived. Even in Germany, Bavaria sees itself as Bavarian first and Germen second. The sovereignty of people should be respected.