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It’s Not Your Money

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Jeremy Corbyn, the new head of the British Labour Party, is really a Communist. He is not championing a minimum wage, but a MAXIMUM WAGE. He is advocating that no individual should be allowed to earn more than whatever he feels is appropriate. These people view one simple fact: whatever money you earn is not yours, it belongs to the state. I was in Canada and there was some socialist woman on TV being interviewed and she said that openly. It is not your money, it belongs to the state. They merely decide how much you are allowed to keep. I was dumbfounded she actually said that in public whereas I hear that all the time behind closed doors. Nothing belongs to you is their actual true belief.

These Marxists want to suppress freedom and cannot see that we are all different and have a God given right to pursue our own dreams. Some people want to produce while others do not. All these people do is drool over what other people have and demand they have been cheated because they are entitled to the same.capitalism-vs-socialism

What Corbyn cannot understand is that this is no different from robbery. If you walk down the street and a man points a gun at you, demands your watch, all your cash, and justifies it by saying that he has nothing you have everything, then what is the difference between that and writing a law to accomplish the same thing? Where can we go to be free of people who just want to rob whatever we have because they are lazy or incompetent to ever have an original thought? This may be the final end of the British Empire. After all, it is getting close to 443.76 years from Elizabeth I (51.6 * 8.6). A very precarious event that may indeed signal the shift from the West is underway to China.