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If you Need a Reason to Sell Britain Try Cameron — the New Closet Marxist

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Prime Minister David Cameron shows how politicians are really cross dressers. Just because he is the head of the Conservatives does not mean that he is conservative. Cameron told the press that he will raise everyone’s taxes UNLESS the government can just start seizing money from people’s bank accounts that they THINK they might owe.

Cameron actually told Sky News:

“We have a choice here. If we don’t collect taxes properly and make sure people pay their taxes properly we look at the problems of having to raise tax rates. I don’t want to do that, so I support the changes the Chancellor set out in the Budget which is to really say that not paying your taxes is not acceptable.”

“It is very clear that they can only do this if there is a debt of over £1,000, they can only do it if there’s £5,000 or more in the account after this has been completed. The general principle – do we want to pursue every avenue of making people pay their taxes they are meant to pay before we put up taxes, because that’s the alternative – absolutely, yes we do.”


If anyone wonders why the pound might crash to dust, just listen to the proposals coming from Cameron and close your eyes; you will think it is the extreme left Marxist Labour Party. Cameron is betraying EVERYTHING that the word “conservative” ever meant. Britain is hopelessly going down the drain very fast.


UK-TaxesMeanwhile, the British Home Secretary Theresa May defended the controversial surveillance bill by saying it will not stop cyber bullies and trolls. This is a total lie and is directed at tax revenue. May claims there’s no reason to worry since the Investigatory Powers Bill would never be used to spy on citizens. Instead, it’ll help track down online bullies and trolls. This is in line with Cameron wanting to just seize money from ANY British account. They have posters in London saying they are closing in on taxes. The Conservatives are liars for all these measures are directed at hunting money. Not people who “bully” others on Facebook or other social media.