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The WHO Is Developing an International Vaccine Passport

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The World Health Organization (WHO) has signed a deal with T-Systems (a Deutsche Telecom subsidiary) for the production of a global QR system to produce an international vaccine passport. The company noted has already implemented vaccine QR codes for over 60 countries, despite the intense resistance by the people. T-Systems is also responsible for implementing the European Federation Gateway Service (EFGS), and Germany’s COVID warning app, which has been downloaded over 43 million times.

Vaccine Star 300x280The WHO said further information is coming “soon,” but we already know the implications. This will provide governments with a tool to track and control our movements both domestically and internationally. Even if you have received the COVID shots and booster, you are only one vaccine away from becoming part of “the unvaccinated” population; you will be banished into the shadows of society. France recently repealed four million vaccine passports, halting lives instantaneously. Countries such as Israel and Australia are calling for four or five vaccines. If the people do not push back, the government will have us on a tight leash with full control over our lives.

THE WHO is using this Ukrainian Crisis to now justify “papers please” to use these passports to also “weed out” Russian spies. There might be a lot of people who would actually cheer if Putin invaded Geneva as a threat to the world economy. But why should he do that? This is the decline and fall of the West and all he has to do is cheer on Schwab and the WHO to achieve the end of Western Sovereignty.