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France Revokes Nearly 4 Million Vaccine Passports

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France has deactivated nearly four million vaccine passes as the definition of “fully vaccinated” continues to change. Authorities are now requiring everyone over the age of 16 to receive their third booster dose within four months of their second dosage, which has been dramatically shortened from the original seven-month period. The Ministry of Health secretly acknowledged that the vaccines are not effective as contracting the coronavirus could serve as a booster replacement, “one infection = one dose.”

France will grant amnesty to those holding fake vaccine passes, warning them that now is their last chance to get vaccinated without consequences. An estimated 192,000 people currently have fraudulent vaccine passes as it is not possible to participate in French society without a vaccine passport. This means an additional four million people will be banned from entering public places. Oh, but the unvaccinated may still attend political rallies.

Has Macron’s promise to “piss off” the unvaccinated worked? As I have said, even if you took the vaccines, you are always one shot away from being labeled “unvaccinated,” banished from society. Will four million people comply and take an additional dose of an unknown substance? “I really want to piss off the unvaccinated – and that’s what we’re going to do, right until the end,” Macron stated in December. However, the people will ultimately decide when “the end” of this pandemic will take place.