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Could Pfizer Collapse to $6-7.00 a share?

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COMMENT: When will the people stay a boycott of Pfsir as they did with Bud Light?



ANSWER: The court in South Africa ordered the government to release the contract with Pfizer that they were preventing the public from having access. Quite honestly, ANY politicians who voted for the vaccines by Pfizer should be voted out of office. This contract states, “Accordingly, Pfizer and its Affiliates shall have no liability for any failure by Pfizer or its Affiliates…” id/2.1(d), Page 8. This is completely outrageous that ANY politicians would waive all liability for a vaccine. Suppose a car manufacturer produces a car that blows up when you start it, but only one in 500. If they have no liability, then why fix it?

Von der Leyen Pfizer Scandal

Under capitalism, every company is liable for its product that is manufactured. Where does Pfizer get off with this with the appearance of paying bribes and gifts to politicians? People questioned our forecast made back on August 26th, 2021, that that should have been the high and that: “Something is very strange when it comes to Pfizer. The rally should not extend beyond 2022…”

This is why Socrates is so important. The criticism I got for that forecast was that their profits would continue to rise, so why should the stock collapse? The computer forecasts are better than any human. Why? Because humans get all caught up in the fundamental news when the computer is analyzing it dispassionately.

When will the people rise up and boycott Pfizer? Personally, I refuse to accept anything from Pfizer for myself or my dogs. I would never advise Pfizer, nor would I advise any company in bed with Pfizer. I wouldn’t say I like their way of doing business. I believe the company has rigged the game, and the politicians sold our rights, which I believe was unconstitutional. But find a judge who will honestly address this question. Good luck!

A year-end closing below the $33.20 level, and we may see crash mode for 2024. Anyone who has family working at this firm should look for employment elsewhere. I would not rule out that some people may seek revenge against those who worked there during the coming civil unrest. You never know anymore. They have pushed the envelope way too far on all of this. A break of that level points to a test of the $28 range, and a break of that area will warn that Pfizer could be looking at the $6-7.00 level by 2032.