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Pfizer Shares Due to Peak Out?

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QUESTION: Marty, Socrates has done a fantastic job of tracking Pfizer. What do you expect from 2022 which is a major turning point on your model?

Thanks for a great system


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ANSWER: Something is very strange when it comes to Pfizer. The rally should not extend beyond 2022 and the two key months ahead will be October 2021 and then February 2022. This virus also resides in animals on a very broad level. That means there is absolutely NO POSSIBLE WAY any vaccine will ever end COVID. It will be like the flu and return seasonally, for it will evolve. Sometimes we get the Bird Flu and others the Swine Flu. Smallpox was eradicated because it was confined to humans, and to this day its origins remain a mystery. That means this hype over COVID is a deliberate fraud. The American version of our Witch Doctor, Anthony Fauci, now admits that the vaccines are less effective against this new strain they call the Delta version.

White House Exempt

Meanwhile, even the notorious corrupt Snoopes had to admit this is TRUE. Despite demanding everyone gets vaccinated, the White House said its own staff DOES NOT need to be vaccinated provided they are routinely checked. So why is the White House the entire exception? Even the military is demanding 100% compliance.

Meanwhile, the head of Pfizer admitted that a new variant would emerge that is resistant to their vaccines. Indeed, there is already such a variant in South America. They call this one the Deadly Lambda variant, and it could be vaccine-resistant. Israel already has reported Pfizer’s vaccine is only 39% effective and 50% with the Delta variant were fully vaccinated. There are genetic risks to this vaccine as there are with others. There is no government action that states if you have x, y, or z, do not get vaccinated. This is the real crime. The problem with this wholesale drive to vaccinate is that COVID is not so lethal, but the vaccines will cause the virus to mutate to beat the vaccines. Like antibiotics being over-used, they are becoming useless as diseases evolve to defeat them. This is like a war that never ends against nature where it is how it thins the herd – not Gates or Schwab.


Something is just not right, and there is nobody trustworthy in the mainstream press or government anymore. The vaccines run the risk of actually making us perhaps more vulnerable to mutation of COVID that I remain convinced was deliberately released. Herd immunity does not seem to be even possible in this circumstance because of the mutations. Regardless of the debate over these vaccines, the charts do not lie. I do not see Pfizer continuing this rally beyond 2022. So if we look at the charts, perhaps the vaccines fail to work, or something is waiting in the wings that will not be positive for Pfizer. Additionally, there is a rising alternative to the vaccines, which appears to be even more effective — antibody therapy rather than altering your DNA. The government has been providing that here in Florida.

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Meanwhile, the most dangerous agency is the CDC. They have purchased the vaccines and then they distribute it so they have legally become the provider. That makes them liable but it would be a tough road to sue these people who are totally insane and out of control. It is the CDC that has imposed eviction moratoriums without constitutional power and it is the CDC who is demanding COVID passports. This agency has become a serious threat to the very foundation of freedom and in the pure totalitarian spirit, nobody there stands for election so the people have no right to vote them out of office. This is the very definition of TYRANNY!