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Australia & Has COVID Vaccines Made us Vulnerable to Other Diseases?

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Djokovic Novak

The Australian court has demonstrated to the entire world that the legal system in Australia is simply engaging in tyranny. There was not a single utterance of any due process right to order the imprisonment of Novak Djokovic and his deportation because he is unvaccinated. The Australian court unanimously dismissed his challenge to a deportation order clearly showing that their position in Australia of just following orders is now putting the entire population at risk of the vaccines in their country.


From around the world, more and more evidence is emerging that these vaccines may be making the situation far worse. The majority of people being hospitalized in Scotland and dying are vaccinated. As mentioned, in Europe the health agency is warning that boosters may be lowering the immune system.



Did Biden slip and admit that there are issues with the vaccines? We never really know what planet he is on at any given moment.

Just like the overuse of antibiotics is creating resistance to new superbugs, even the NIH in Britain has stated that “certain bacteria are now unbeatable with today’s medicines.” Instead of bringing an end to this pandemic as Bill Gates promised, the overuse of these untested experimental vaccines long-term has already resulted in a sharp increase in Covid-19 cases and deaths around the world. There are far too many claimed experts who have been doing what no other health group has ever done, making decisions that ignore the side effects as in Israel using the same words “the potential benefits outweighed the risks” without actually identifying what the risks are. In the UK, the NIH admits that vaccines do not eliminate all risks.

There is zero transparency in people making these decisions to force the population into experimental drugs. If this was any other field such as investments, they would all be sentenced to prison for fraud by the failure to disclose conflicts of interest. Even the claimed doctor Fauci, who went right from school to government and never practiced medicine, has been trying to hide his financials. Details of his finances revealed he is the nation’s highest-paid federal employee making $434,312 in 2020 and will get a $350,000 annual pension upon retirement. Who in the private sector gets this kind of money? While Fauci has millions in mutual funds, if those funds invest in the vaccine companies, that is still a conflict of interest. Moreover, he is getting speaking fees, which is a fancy way to give bribes pretending it was for a 15-minute speech.

According to a recently published study that looked at data from 145 of the most vaccinated countries in the world, the results are shocking. This nearly 100-page study entitled “Worldwide Bayesian Causal Impact Analysis of Vaccine Administration on Deaths and Cases Associated with COVID-19: A BigData Analysis of 145 Countries” has found that in the US, the vaccine has caused a 38% greater number of Covid cases per million. It has further shown that there has been a 31% increase in deaths per million.



The question that comes to the surface is that did people like Bill Gates and his vaccine armada know that this would actually undermine the health of society? Gates clearly lied claiming that if he vaccinated the entire world we would eradicate COVID. When any virus also exists in animals it can never be eradicated. He lied to the world on that one.



Gates has already admitted that the vaccines do not prevent getting COVID. He still tries to claim that they increase your chances of it being mild. But the data is starting to imply that that is not true. The media is desperately trying to silence any report that exposes there is something not quite right. All the studies show that the vaccines no longer protect against COVID after just 2 months.


Gates has been a conman pretending to be a philanthropist while demanding rich companies buy the vaccines from him and donate them to poor countries – not Gates.



Everything is cyclical in nature. That is why the flu shot changes each year as they try to anticipate the new strain annually. However, our computer has been projecting that there will be a rise in disease and this COVID scam may be the source. While COVID itself has a death rate of just  0.25%, if the vaccines are lowering our natural immunity system, then that makes the population far more vulnerable to a new wave of disease which can be a virus or bacteria. There are already both the Black Plague which has appeared in China and this new Ebola-like hemorrhagic fever virus. In December, the Chinese communist government placed Xi’an city in northwest Shaanxi province under lockdown following reports of hemorrhagic fever cases.

In December, there were 2,657 cases of this Hemorrhagic Fever with Renal Syndrome (HFRS) reported in Shanxi Province in China. HFRS “is a group of illnesses caused by hantaviruses,” and has been endemic to the province since 1995. The Global Times China reports that “human-to-human transmission is possible but rare, due to its weak viral transmission capability.”

The China CDC weekly discusses the number of cases as of December 19, 2021:

“In 2021, of the 2,657 cases reported in the 10 affected cities, 2,522 (94.92%) cases were from 4 cities: Xi’an (1,553, 58.45%), Weinan (475, 17.88%), Xianyang (293, 11.03%), and Baoji (200, 7.56%); and 2,062 (77.6%) cases were reported from 20 affected county-level jurisdictions and city districts.”

If these COVID vaccines are indeed lowering the ability of our natural immune system, then we will become vulnerable to new diseases that will have a much higher rate of death than COVID. In truth, it is this type of Ebola-like hemorrhagic fever virus that has always been deeply feared among real disease scientists. Something like this could spread rapidly. Our models on disease, which were provided at the WEC for attendees and those who purchased the live stream, have been warning that we are entering a serious phase and perhaps these COVID vaccines have laid the groundwork for making that possible to allow other diseases to spread more rapidly.