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Zelensky Pleading for World War III

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2022_12_21_Zelenskyy_no_country_is_safe_if_Ukraine Falls

I have warned from the start, Ukraine CANNOT be trusted and Zelensky is the man who would start World War III. Everything you worked for your entire life will be forfeited because of this actor. Look at the way he dresses. He is pretending to be poor and at war as if he was a soldier. I CANNOT stress enough, the sheer unbridled hatred of Ukrainians toward Russians is off the charts. They will massacre the Russians that have lived in the Donbas for centuries. That region should have been separated and those people have a fundamental human right to determine to live free of the hatred from Kyiv.

Those who listen to the propaganda that this is all Putin are surrendering not just their own future but their children and grandchildren. No matter what I write, I cannot stop our total collapse into war. It is NEVER the people who wage war, it is always those in power. In this war, they need to cover up the collapse in the monetary system. But they are wrong. They think they can destroy Russia and there will be no nuclear war.


The US just agreed to a military partnership with Israel for we are looking a the Middle East erupting into war. I cannot believe how DUMB our leaders really are. If the shoe was on the other foot, I would launch the missiles from North Korea against the South and Japan, China takes Taiwan, Iran kicks ass in the Middle East, and Russia nukes Kyiv and Warsaw. Both Hitler and Napoleon lost because you CANNOT wage a war on multiple fronts. The US thinks it can use the bodies of other nations and just supply the arms. If I wanted to take down the United States and Europe grinding them into the dirt, you wage war on four fronts simultaneously. Neither Europe nor the United States has the boots on the ground to defend against such an onslaught.

Nuclear Deterrence

It was the sheer hatred of that region that started World War I. There is no resolution. Ukraine will fight for its total annihilation. Take out Kyiv and then ask, is this what Europe wants and the United States? One Russian nuclear sub can surface offshore and fire 60 warheads. One 200-megaton set off in the Irish Sea will wipe out all of Britain. Is everyone just insane? Let the Donbas go and save the world. Remove every leader who has pushed this crisis to the front headlines. Without that, the future is very dark and whatever plans you had will change.


Ukraine Map

Back in 2014, I wrote: ” Divide Ukraine along the historical language faultline and call it a day.” The borders claimed by Ukraine were merely drawn by Kruchev for administrative purposes. Then everyone was Russian. Ukraine was never a country and that is why it embraced ethnic cleansing and the German Nazi Movement. But today, they are not to be trusted with anything. The military support should END. After all, it was the USA that began the civil war using the interim government in 2014 instructing them to immediately send troops to wage war on the Donbas. The Ukrainian people wanted peace and that is what Zelensky promised. No elected government in Ukraine began this war. It was all at the direction of NATO and the USA. That is why Markel played Putin as a fool to just buy time for Ukraine to build its army.

This is a situation that will NEVER be resolved without dividing the country along ethnic lines. The Middle East is no different between Sunni and Shite. There will never be a resolution. Christianity had its Protestant Revolution and there is no way all Christians will return to the Pope. The same division exists in Ukraine as well as the Middle East. – Accept it and move on.