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It’s Time for a Decision on Ukraine

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ECM Ukraine 8.6 RI have spent way too much time the past few days on phone conversations concerning the geopolitical Ukrainian mess from different sides and what our computer is showing. There is a growing concern in Washington that this war in Ukraine has run its course. This seems to have risen since Biden threatened if he did not get the money for Ukraine, US troops would have to go there and fight – totally insane. This seems to be backfiring. Biden just reads the cards handed to him by the Neocons or Climate Change nuts.

What seems to be emerging is there are some US policymakers who are starting to connect the dots and have looked at this Minsk Agreement and concluded, off the record, that the only reality of peace is to start with a ceasefire that blends into a peace deal that divides Ukraine allowing Putin to keep the part he has occupied being the Donbas and that includes Crimea.

Zelenskyy Johnson

Putin has been making peace proposals all along. The Western Neocons have refused to negotiate. NATO previously killed any peace deal for Ukraine. Then Boris Johnson traveled to Ukraine to instruct Zelensky that he was NOT allowed to seek peace with Russia. The West has wanted to conquer Russia for centuries. All Ukraine had to do was honor the Minsk Agreement, and the war would have been over in 24 hours.


Zelensky is seeking to draft another 500,000 more people to die for the Neocons – ASAP. I did not want to publish the real death toll, for when I first reported that 100,000 were killed, I got a ton of hate mail claiming I was spreading Russian Propaganda. Ursula von der Leyen, the head of the EU, released a video covering the very information I had previously reported. She then edited the video at the request of Zelensky, removing the statement of 100,000 had died in the first few months. Zelensky was trying to hide the fact that he had already lost 20% of his army in the first few months of 2022. Zelensky was pretending Ukraine was winning to keep the money flowing.


The Ukrainians are notorious for false flags. In Italy, Zelensky lied, claiming Russians were capturing children and torturing them. That allegation vanished. Zelensky has said whatever he can to get money and rejects any accountability. The US Pentagon has come out and even said that they CAN NOT independently verify what took place in Bucha. There is no way to verify anything in Bucha, which Ursula von der Leyen just repeated Zelensky’s propaganda while censoring the true story about the death toll. There are even videos of Bucha that show people lying in the street pretending to be dead with no blood, and then there are videos showing they get up when the camera passes.


Ukraine 1.1 Million Dead

The real number of deaths from UKRAINIAN sources is 1.1 million, I am told, and AGAIN, this comes from Ukraine – not Russia! In fact, a local TV news operation reported the real number, and Zelensky again made them take it down as he did with the head of the EU. They suddenly reported it was a typo. The Neocons are completely destroying Ukraine, and they have ZERO regard for Ukrainian lives as they will with Americans or Europeans.

ECM Wave 2020 2028 Pi

Putin’s popularity is for real 80%+, and that is entirely understandable that this hatred hurled at Putin is really toward ALL Russians. The West has two choices because there is absolutely NO POSSIBLE WAY for Ukraine actually to defeat Russia. They have 3.5 million men without drafting. The critics of Putin feel he is too “SOFT” and he should have invaded Ukraine like the US did to Iraq, and the war would have been over in 6 weeks.

Russian column Tanks

Initially, Putin sent a column of tanks to approach Kiev. They were a show of force but just parked there. Putin’s critics argue they should have advanced and taken Kiev then and there. Putin saw it as a special operation to only protect the Donbas. He did not want to conquer Ukraine. He was telling the Ukrainians that they were brothers and they should not fight and end this civil war.

Here is the problem. Putin stands for election in March. Either the West agrees to a peace deal for his re-election, or Putin may be forced to deal a death blow to Ukraine. That would not go over well for many, and it would call into question NATO as a viable military entity when they have trained the Ukrainian troops that have been decimated. The question is, will the sound rational thinkers prevail, or will the Neocons prevail with the no-compromise agenda? With Putin standing for election, his hand may be forced to bring this to an end and proclaim victory.

Most of the articles that keep claiming Russia is losing are sources with the Institute for the Study of War (ISW), which is Victoria Nuland’s sister-in-law. That is the most untrustworthy source you will ever have in a war, which is always their objective – destroy Russia and China. It was Victoria Nuland’s husband, Robert Kagan, who wrote the Washington Post piece calling Trump a dictator because his wife has been in every administration EXCEPT Trump’s.  The Neocons have thrown everything they could think of at Trump to desperately discredit him. This 2024 election is really a choice between War and Peace. There are some who realize in DC that they cannot send troops to fight Russia, for that will be playing into the arguments of Trump.

Russia Kremlin Moscow Cold War

The ECM Half Cycle Dates from the start of the Cold War in 1947 brings us to October 15th, 2024. It was on February 17 when the Cold War Voice of America began broadcasting to Eastern Europe, and it was May 22nd when President Harry S. Truman signed an Act of Congress that implemented the Truman Doctrine. This Act granted $400 million in military and economic aid to Turkey and Greece. This was the official start of the Cold War to prevent the spread of Communism.

2024.789 (Oct 15)

Ukraine_Hryvnia W 1 5 24

The Russian presidential election will be held on March 15–17, 2024. We have had a Panic Cycle this week, which seemed to melt down my phone on this topic. The volatility will rise, and it really looks like a serious decision must be made to save Ukraine by allowing a peace deal or sending every Ukrainian to their death. I am concerned that may be a tall order given the Neocons foaming at the mouth to launch World War III. Clearly, things will become highly volatile as we head toward March and Putin’s election. Everyone seems to be calling, wanting to know: What does the computer say now?

Pawn of Finance

Communism failed all by itself. The Neocons were disappointed because they did not get to shoot anybody. The average citizen in America, Europe, Russia, and China wants to live life and enjoy their families. It seems to be the politicians who play with us like pieces on a chess board. We are always the Pawns of Finance and War. The very best a soldier can hope for is to return home intact to a family that is not dead. When Goring was asked how did the Nazis get the people to follow them, his response was on point and truthful.

Goring Herman on War