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Servant of the People Leader Said NATO Forced Ukraine to Reject Russian Peace Treaty

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2022_03_29_Russia_Ukraine peace talks

Davyd Arakhamiia, leader of the Servant of the People, released a damning piece of information that has been swept under the rug as it proves Moscow attempted to end this war long ago. This key information is important to keep in mind as the Neocons have infiltrated all upcoming elections. Davyd was present during the peace talks with Belarus, Russia, and Turkey in 2022, shortly after the war began. Putin allegedly came to the meeting with a drafted peace agreement that would end the war if Ukraine granted Russia neutrality.

The Permanent Neutrality of Ukraine and Security Guarantees contained 18 articles with “everything is spelled out, from military equipment to personnel of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.” Avoiding future NATO membership was part of the agreement, but Russia was willing to surrender and end the war then and there. Former British Prime Minister Boris Johnson acting on behalf of NATO allegedly made a surprise visit to Kiev during this time and persuaded Ukrainian officials not to accept the peace treaty.

Hundreds of thousands of lives could have been saved if not for the Neocons. The West orchestrated this entire war from the beginning in an attempt to weaken Russia by any means necessary. Those who claim Putin is a warmonger hellbent on reclaiming the USSR is not listening to the facts. The New York Times estimated that over half a million soldiers had been hurt or killed during the battle back in August. True death figures are never released during times of war. Zelensky does not realize that the Neocons in charge know he will lose. The motives for this type of death and destruction are beyond comprehension.