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Catalan Police are Siding with the People Against Madrid

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COMMENT: Mr. Armstrong, the police in Barcelona are starting to defend the people against Madrid. Thank you so much!

REPLY: The critical moment in any revolution is when the police/army switch sides to the people. Yeltsin stood on the tanks in Russia and the army stood down. In Ukraine, I warned that the people had to get the police to switch to their side and the revolution would succeed. I wrote that the riot police in Kiev were really imported Russian. To beat the government, the real police had to turn against the imported police. I am not speaking from OPINION. I am speaking from a pure analytical perspective looking closely at every revolution and how they unfold, fail, or win.


Goya Spanish Civil War 1024x791Where is there trouble? Look at Venezuela. The police and army are defending the corrupt government against the people. That is when blood flows in the streets and it is usually the people. The Spanish government has still a core of fascism running through its veins. It is attempting to use riot police against the people the same identical manner as we saw in Ukraine. It has been at the instigation of the government of the right-wing conservative Spanish Prime Minister, Mariano Rajoy, who is against the people and hopefully will be rejected in the months ahead by all of Spain.  Rajoy has ordered the regional police to be placed under the supervision of the Spanish security forces, including the guardia civil, a paramilitary police group, which is widely disused in Catalonia. This is clearly the action of what a dictator would do – defend the government at the expense of the blood of the people. Rajoy has to understand that government is NOT the sovereign of a state – it is the people!

Jefferson Revolution

Rajoy has used the bogus court that holds that any national decision over the independence of Spain against the will of the central government is unconstitutional. The Spanish Constitutional Court has show it too is in the pocket of the political elite. It is a HUMAN RIGHT for the people to overthrow the government whenever it becomes an enemy of the people. The American Revolution in short was the fight between America and England, in order for America to create their own country which is a fundamental human right. We were NOT created to be slaves of a political state.

Let me make this very clear. The human right of revolution is fundamental throughout history and government should beware that oppressing the people with pretend laws declaring revolution illegal is in itself a violation of human rights and a display of authoritarianism. It has historically been the right and duty of the people of any nation to overthrow a government that acts against their common interests of the people and threatens the safety of the people without probable cause as we are watching in Spain. This principal has been stated throughout history by many in one form or another. It is a foundation of human rights that has been used to justify EVERY revolution, such as the English Civil War, the American Revolution and the French Revolution just to mention a few.

The calls for EU intervention are increasing against Spain are increasing by the day. Barcelona’s mayor Ada Colau called for a mediation mission of the EU Commission on Thursday to defuse the crisis between the Spanish central government and the Catalan nationalists. A representative of the Catalan regional government accused the EU of supporting the “brutal repression” of Spain through its idleness. This is also becoming obvious for it is also tearing at the heart of of the EU which is also truly a dictatorship when the head of the EU also does not stand for election. The EU Commission has taken the position that it was a question of Spain’s domestic policy. So if there is blood on the streets, then that is OK for any member of the EU to kill its own people who want political change even when it is the majority?

An escalation of the crisis will strike a deep blow into the heart of the interests of Europe. It will shake the foundation of the EU for it will stand as an example to all members that the EU supports oppression for separatist movements are anti-EU and against their self-interests. How can the EU defend Catalonia without undermining its own political power?

Catalan General Prosecutor, the regional officials of the Mossos d’Esquadra, has come out and expressed reservations about the order to prevent the opening of the polling stations of Madrid. The Catalan police are 16,000 strong and they have now declared in the short message on Twitter  that the implementation of the Decree risks the “undesirable consequences”. These concern the “security of citizens” and the “more than foreseeable risk” that the public order is disturbed.


We are watching history unfold that will be profound for the Euro and Europe moving forward. If the Euro closes tomorrow below 11662, then the rally against the dollar is probably over.