Ukraine & the Need to Always Blame Someone & Gov’ts are All the Same – Wake Up

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Starovoytova Galina (1946-1998)

I believe that there is some sort of need for God-like attribution that causes people to always seek to blame someone for their mistakes. Galina Vasilyevna Starovoitova (Russian: Гали́на Васи́льевна Старово́йтова)(1946-1998) was a Russian politician and ethnographer known for her work to protect ethnic minorities and promote democratic reforms in Russia. St. Petersburg has always been the center for intellectuals in Russia. Galina was going to run against Yeltsin in 2000 and would most likely have been there instead of Putin. She was assassinated in her apartment building gunned down in the entryway in St. Petersburg on November 20th, 1998. To put the “spin” on her assassination that somehow it was “justified” because she was a puppet of a Western Financier. This was typical cold war thinking and was outright degrading. I was blamed for that as being the Financier when I had never spoke to her and the entire conspiracy between us was created because her son worked in our office in London. I was not the one trying to control Russia. That I believe was Edmond Safra and his Oligarchy friends who I further believe was assassinated by Putin.

Now once again I am getting the hate mail and claims they have my “SMS” communication to the anti-government movement in Ukraine. “You have been advising the terrorist movement [Kiev] Kyiv. We know what you have done.” This assumes as always I have been in some position of control when that is absurd. This has been a grass-roots movement. Another hate mail said “We Russians remember well what american advisers did during summer Olimpics Games 2008 in Ossetia. Is it just coincidence? No, I say to you. You with “your brother from Arizona” deserve Divine Justice in the nearest future.” I am at a loss who is my brother in Arizona.

Still another said: “The truth is: this is not a fight for freedom or against corruption. This is simply the US trying to get into Russian influence zone, period. Ukraine government is correct defending itself against those terrorists influenced and paid by the US. Those people are threatening the democracy and thay made their choice. Stop it with the “human rights”. Corporatist capitalism à la US has killed more humans than any socialist regime.”

For the record – I do not deny having contacts in Ukraine. We even have Ukrainian staff members. I could care less if you publish the SMS. Most were dealing with questions are people safe and their well-being. One was a pure joke trying to lighten the tense situation – Do I have to send in the troops to get you out? The response was Kiev is closed and they couldn’t get in any way. I have no troops to send so do not take it literally. If you want to spin this into some new conspiracy, well I do not know what to say other than it was a joke.


There is nothing in any SMS that is different from what I would ever say publicly. We have the largest database not just on markets historically, and economies, but politics as well. My advice that they hold their ground and demand that President Viktor Yanukovich resign immediately is simply based upon history. NEVER allow someone besieged to hang around for he will always, and without exception, retaliate. Julius Caesar (100-44BC) forgave his enemies and allowed them to stay in power. They assassinated him.

machiavelli-2My article about the truth in Ukraine and the use of mercenaries drew a lot of hate mail. This is not my opinion, this is simply historical fact. The Nika Riot was suppressed BECAUSE the troops that were sent in were not Greek and could kill all the protesters. Like Machiavelli, we catalogued war and civil unrest and how to win and how to lose. My “advice” to get the police to support the protesters was simply FACT and using this historical database to seek the solution. It was the key to prevent a massacre as took place in the Nika Riot.


The police now support the protesters, and this was a major grass-roots uprising – not 19 kids and a few bottles of gasoline. Anyone who thinks the US organized this to get into the Russian sphere is dead wrong. The US is silently shaking in their boots behind closed doors for they know the people are the wildcard. Obama was trying to take all guns from the people to prevent an uprising so to watch Ukraine has scared the hell out of these people.

I have stated based ENTIRELY on the model that there will be similar uprisings after 2015.75. Obama has been holding generals to the very same litmus test asking if they would shoot American citizens. If they say no, then they are dismissed. Others say if you disagree with Obama, you are gone. Much of this is intended on eliminating any general who has political sympathy for the tea-party. This is the very same strategy of the Nika Riots. They are scared to death that the Bible Belt area will rise up and revolt against being oppressed. You can see how the Democrats are already trashing Perry governor of Texas who wants the 10th Amendment enforced and the elimination of Federalization of everything to restore State sovereignty/independence.

I wrote previously that the Obama Administration shook in their boots when they saw the uprising in Iran and how the youth organized using Twitter and Facebook. Governments controlled the press in Russia as they do in Europe, the USA, and most other places. Russia went in and confiscated the equipment of a TV station broadcasting the facts in Ukraine. Those in power live in FEAR of what just took place in Ukraine – a grass-roots uprising. I have tried to help save lives. You hate me for that – fine. I really do not care and I would do it again. Once more, any comment that was made to me that I should take the presidency was also a joke – impossible, and I have no political designs in my own country no less Ukraine. So those too are just a joke in the middle of tense situations.


I also wrote that the US would wake up and control the internet after the Iranian youth organized using the internet. The US introduced the Internet Kill Switch within just a few months of the Iranian uprising. Britain began monitoring the internet and arresting people. I wrote: “We just saw the Million Mask March in London. We saw the British government monitoring Twitter and arresting anyone who called for people to gather.” (See: Expect Riots & Rise of Nationalism After 2015.75 To Pick Up Steam)

Anyone who thinks there are good governments and bad ones has another thing coming. They are no different from any life-form. When attacked, they will respond to survive. There is no government that lays down voluntarily. This is why I advocate the end of career politicians and have no desire to be one myself. There should be short-terms of 2 years and the PEOPLE must vote on every measure/issue. There should NEVER be any attachment to a bill that is of a different subject matter. Everything must be HONEST and fair. END REPUBLICS and move forward to a real DEMOCRACY and that will do more to eliminate war than anything we can possibly do.

So to those threatening to publish my communications with Ukraine, for myself – I do not care. There is NOTHING anyone will read that I have not said on this blog and the few jokes were to try to lighten the tense mood. You may not like the truth, but it is time to find someone else to blame. Anything I have said would be the same regardless of the sphere of politics for I see NO DIFFERENCE between governments. They will all start wars to save their own ass and they are always, and without exception, oppressors of the people to support career politicians. There will be no hope for the future until we end this crazy REPUBLIC nonsense. It has never worked – just look at the true story of how Caesar fought the Oligarchy that controlled the Roman Republic.

So do as you will. I really do not care. Distort jokes into conspiracies, as always, rather than admit the truth – we are entering an age where there is NO GOVERNMENT exempt from this civil unrest because EVERY government has fallen into corruption without exception. It is only a matter of time.

Tymoshenko Yulia

For now, my heartfelt congratulations on winning your LIBERTY. Yanukovich has fled. You occupy his office. My congratulations to Yulia Tymoshenko for your freedom. What we have seen in Ukraine is coming to a theater near you between now and 2020.