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Why Our Legal System is Collapsing

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QUESTION: Your curiosity has traveled down so many paths, and you are quite unique in your diverse knowledge and experience. I am curious myself about your comment that our legal system has crumbled. As a legal scholar among your many talents, you mentioned that we should have taken the advice of Ben Franklin in creating our legal system but did not. Could you elaborate on why there are no longer fair trials and why this is the final straw before a nation collapses?


Constitutional Law

ANSWER: In the English legal system, there was the King’s/Queen’s Bench, which followed the law, and then there was the Chancery, which exercised “equity” for sometimes imposing the law strictly was unjust. Take the case where an 18-year-old boy has been prosecuted for child molesting a 17-year-old girlfriend because her father pressed charges. After all, he did not like his daughter dating that boy. Under the law, someone under 18 is supposed to be incapable of understanding anything and thus cannot consent to sex – but they could change their sex or be vaccinated without parents ever knowing.

This was an abuse of law. Many could be prosecuted for that crime if a senior in high school dated a freshman. It is what you would call “inequitable,” and some countries have defined that as a percentage between the ages. That is far more reasonable than this arbitrary line of being 18.

PHILIP I AR Antoniniany AequitasThrasymachus QuoteThis concept of “equity” goes back to ancient Roman times. The image was Aequitas pictured holding the scales in one hand and a cornucopia in the other. However, Thrasymachus observed that there is no justice, for it will always be defined as the self-interest of those in power. Just look at the people imprisoned for being escorted into the Capitol Building on January 6th. It was orchestrated and instigated by the Deep State so that they could try to use the 14th Amendment to prevent Trump from ever holding office again.

They rigged the 2020 election, and that is something the CIA has done in other countries all the time, and the former head of the CIA has admitted doing so on FOX News. I was asked to invest $10 billion into Russia for the 2000 election to be rigged to take over Russia. On a rumor that someone sold the market to undermine the Republicans during the Great Depression, Hoover launched investigations that turned up nothing. Still, they created the Securities & Exchange Commission anyhow.  As Herbert Hoover wrote in his memoirs, apologizing for those investigations:

“Sometimes when a government is enraged, it burns down the barn to get the rat.”


Dickens 1

There is no rule of law. It is always the will of those in power – nothing more. Even Charles Dickens has written about how corrupt the legal system had become back in 1853. Dickens wrote in Chapter I of his famous novel Bleak House, “In Chancery,”

“Suffer any wrong that can be done to you rather than come here!”

Indeed, the current state of American federal courts has once again reached its lowest point, completing the revolution of the wheel of political fortune. This desperate attempt to prevent Trump from being elected is destroying the very foundation of law, and people who even hate Trump should be very concerned. Once they do this to Trump, they set the precedent and will do it to whomever they do not want to run. The very idea of a democratic system has crumbled to dust. They should fight Trump at the polls, not orchestrate fake insurrections, and try every scheme possible to stop him using laws that have never been applied to anyone else in such a manner.

Fauci was using a private email so his shenanigans would not be discovered under the Freedom of Information Act. Guess what? That is why Hillary has a private server – to hide what she was doing from being discovered. Look at Pelosi. How many millions did her husband make from stock trades on inside information that would cause anyone else to be in jail for 20 years? If I had my mother buy stock in a company I was advising on a takeover, that would have been illegal. The same rules do not apply to politicians.

The Framers of the Constitution had a different understanding of the essential requirement to be a “disinterested ” person. As Gordon S. Wood in his Revolutionary Characters points out:

“[Disintereste d [i] s being ‘superior t o regard t o privat e advantage not influence d by private profit, ‘ and that was what the founders meant by the term. We today have lost most of this earlier meaning. Even educated people now use disinterested as a synonym for uninterested, meaning ‘indifferent or unconcerned.’ It is almost as if we cannot quite imagine someone who is capable of rising above a pecuniary interest and being unselfish or impartial where an interest might be present.”
Revolutionary Characters, Gordon S Wood, p16, The Penguin Press

Even Ben Franklin was not truly respected until he retired from private enterprise to become a “disinterested ” man of dignity. The loose manner in which we allow those in Government to operate is astonishing. Today, government prosecuting attorneys are for sale. All the prosecutors filing against Trump follow their careers, and they will use Trump as their business card for a big-paying job afterward. Prosecutors can be hired by those they are supposed to preside over, who provide lucrative jobs to former prosecutors. They cannot be “disinterested” in the meaning that founded this nation. This allows the big firms who now need bailouts to engage in risky business with no fear of prosecution or even regulation that will ever interfere with their business operation. Those same sources of jobs can also be used to create investigations and prosecutions of competitors. The sad result is the complete collapse of the integrity of the financial markets, for there is no truly “disinterested ” regulation.

Shakespeare Killl Lawyers

William Shakespeare (1564-1616) wrote one of his most famous lines in Henry VI. To put it into context, you were not allowed to have lawyers in those days. The only “lawyers” were the prosecutors of the king. Thus, Shakespeare was commenting on the sad state of prosecutors also exercising their own self-interest to further their careers back then.

Edward I 1272 1307

Judges are there for life because Edward I (1272-1307) of England fired all the judges because they ruled against him. If the king did not win, then the judge was fired.
franklin 2

Ben Franklin recommended that the American Bar Association make appointments to the Supreme Court, not politicians.  Ben Franklin wanted to create a legal system based upon the Scottish model where lawyers and not politicians nominated judges. He lost that argument, and we have been paying dearly ever since.


Most people assume that the Framers of the Constitution relied on the English judicial system. On the contrary, the Scottish judicial system was necessary, although it remains overlooked today. The Scottish system was part of the model for the Framing of Article III in crafting the Judiciary. Unlike the English system of overlapping and primarily original jurisdiction with Chancery (Equity) and the King’s Bench (law), the Scottish judiciary featured a hierarchical, appellate-style judiciary, with one supreme civil court sitting at the top and an array of inferior courts of original jurisdiction below.

Queens bENCH Dublin

Our greatest mistake was the merger of Chancery (Queen’s Bench) and Law (King’s Bench) in American courts. This allows the judges to circumvent the law and deny equal protection of the law at will. So, they can prosecute Trump for a novel theory that was never applied or intended when the law was written. They shift the burden to prove it is unconstitutional to the citizen, and the expense to vindicate your rights becomes impossible, so the state will always win by default. Court-appointed lawyers lose 99% of their cases because to get that job, the government must win. They have NEVER defended a citizen that I have ever known or witnessed. They are beholding to the state for employment and will NEVER bite the hand that feeds them.

justice fat

Our legal system has collapsed entirely. The sculpture of Jens Galchiot in Denmark of Fat Justice on the shoulders of a starving African man is truly the state of affairs for all of us. There is no rule of law to protect us anymore. The government has stacked the courts with former prosecutors who rule in favor of the government, making the conviction rate in the USA now approaching 99%. Worse still, the government can do as it likes, and you must go to court to say – hey! I have constitutional rights! Good luck.

Epstien XMas Ornament

Epstein when will he die

Jeffrey Epstein (1953– August 10, 2019) was killed. My lawyer warned me to be careful, for I was a target to be killed. I was always told to turn on the light before I entered my cell because they would put baby oil in the bulb, and when you turn it on, you will burn to death and cannot escape. I was attacked and presumed I would die. But to their dismay, I came out of the coma and survived. On July 25th, 2019, I wrote that Epstein would be killed and never be allowed to go to trial. Any case that exposes the depths of the Deep State will NEVER be allowed to go to trial – NEVER! The targets typically hang themselves or are killed in some fight by an inmate.

Legal Persecution

This is the simple reality of our legal system. There is no rule of law anymore.

The government uses the law to persecute those they disagree with.

John Stuart Mill wrote in his On Liberty in 1859, and nothing has changed.

Mill John Stuart Legal Persecution

Germany’s Legal Persecution of Investigating COVID Scam

Reiner Fuellmich

Reiner Fuellmich, an attorney and international freedom advocate, has been detained by German authorities.

He is conveniently accused of having embezzled hundreds of thousands of euros as managing director of the “Corona Committee Foundation”

Germany should be called to account for their Legal Persecution of Reiner.