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Biden’s – Bonfire of the Rule of Law

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Bonfire of the Rule of Law

In the latest desperate attempt to prevent Trump from running in 2024, Congress has created a new witch-hunt – the January 6th insurrection that justifies Pelosi’s Wall. Congress is deliberately subpoenaing Trump’s former aids knowing that there is a 200-year history of Executive Privilege whereby the top aids to the president must be able to speak frankly to the president in critical situations. One of those aids is Mark Medows who is still in the White House and may have been retained for a reason – political of course to target Trump.

Biden Puppet Master

NAZI goebbels_books_burningThose behind the curtain are absolutely trashing the country, but they also could care less about the image of Joe Biden. His polls have gone into a free-fall. Like Bush Jr. will be blamed for the Iraq War instead of Cheney, they know they can do anything illegal and Biden will take the blame. After all, they wanted just a figurehead who would sign whatever executive order they put in front of him and read from the teleprompter whatever they right without putting two and two together.

In addition, they are instructing him to create a bonfire of the rule of law much like Hitler had book burnings of anything he did not want people to read. We have reinstated the Hitler Cancel Culture. They have social media joining them with false promises that they will be in the elite circle when this all comes to an end. This new world order they have promised BigTech with virtual banks thinking they will reap billions from every transaction in the world is appealing to their greedy self-interest. Thus, welcome to the new version of Hitler’s Cancel Culture 2.0.

Biden Rule of Law

Astonishingly, the Biden Administration has told businesses to ignore the courts and follow his commands, which in itself is outrageous. That is saying regardless of the Constitution or all laws passed by Congress, just ignore them. Somehow that does not apply to his mandates. This is the complete collapse of the rule of law and one of the major signs that a government is about to fall into that same common grave that all previous governments lie in rest.

Once the rule of law is abandoned, that is it. Civilization loses all-purpose. You can not prove even your home is your home if there is no rule of law. Edward Gibbon wrote of Emperor Commodus who rejected everything his father had done is very much like Biden overthrowing all percent before him. Gibbon wrote that he unleashed a “distinction of every kind soon became criminal. The possession of wealth stimulated the diligence of the informers.”

Historians also believed that Commodus lost his mind. In truth, when they created the movie Gladiator, Emperor Commodus was the villain, but instead of exaggerating his insanity, they actually had to tone the facts down. Quite frankly, had they truly portrayed Emperor Commodus for what he truly did, the basic audience would never have believed them. That may be the fate of Biden in the history books.

After having Biden say not to obey the courts, he is allowing Bannon to be indicted for contempt of court pretending the law must prevail which is exactly opposite of his own instructions with regard to his mandate. Yet to prosecute Bannon, Biden has deliberated waive executive privilege that existed for 200 years. This is fundamentally abandoning even the separation of powers if Congress can haul in any adviser to the president and demand to know what was said.

Romulus Augustus AU Aureus

This extends far beyond Trump. This is really unleashing the Bonfire of the Rule of Law and the Constitution. The people pulling the strings, as I have been warning, owe no allegiance to the United States. They have already sworn allegiance to the Great Reset and this globalist agenda of Build Back Better. Biden is so not with he reminds me of the last puppet Roman Emperor – Romulus Augustus (475-476AD) who just did what he was told by the barbarians to make it appear it was still Roman, and then he was just retired and allowed to live on the seaside. The barbarians have broken through the gates. The Rule of Law no longer means anything. Our long-standing traditions and honor no longer mean anything. Parents are targeted by the FBI as domestic terrorists because they object to the brainwashing of their children. As they did in East Germany, children were taught the state was your parent and if your biological parent ever spoke against the state, they should report them. This is the new America these people are creating.