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Now They Censor Anyone Explaining the Great Reset of Schwab

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What Is The Great Reset? Explaining the World Economic Forum’s Controversial Initiative.

YouTube has censored anything explaining what Agenda 2030 is all about. These individuals are part of the conspiracy to end capitalism, and they are now advocating Communism 3.0 intermixed with Feudalism. First, it was COVID, then Trump; now it is anything that explains the Great Reset, which is a publicly declared agenda to which Trudeau has openly committed Canada to follow. Trudeau will NEVER tell the people the truth.

Schwab 2030 Overthrow USA 1Schwab WEF End of Democracy 1024x581

These people act like the worse tyrants in history. They will eliminate elections and impose George Soros’ one-world government with the United Nations at the helm.

Anyone who still refuses to believe the election was rigged simply because they hate Trump, well, you better start paying attention to the people who convinced you to hate Trump, for they have a far worse future in mind for you. The problem is simple. They know that the longer they can prevent people from rising up, the more small businesses will be destroyed, and small businesses employ 70% of the civil workforce. You better wake up, for your children are being condemned, and these people will not allow you to know their evil intentions. These people are committing outright treason against the United States and free society.

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Twitter is the most disgustingly corrupt of all. Dorsey is lucky I am not president, for I would have sent the military in and seized his company as Truman did during the strikes under National Security. Two weeks before the election Twitter changed how you retweet because they obviously didn’t want certain things to go viral. Now that Dorsey got the political result he wanted, so low and behold, he’s going back to the old way. Dorsey I believe is an absolute vile individual who has conspired against the United States and we will see Twitter make every effort to push Schwab’s takeover of the world. Dorsey and Zuckerger I believe should go to prison where they will enjoy “equality” and everyone gets the same – for life. Here we have these two individuals doing EXACTLY what they accused Russia of doing – influencing the US election.

Obviously, the US Constitution is in violation of their community guidelines and today they would ban Thomas Jefferson and many others.