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Where is the POTUS?

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Biden 2024 Lets finish the job

America needs a strong leader to restore law and order in our society. Our leadership has chosen to create division and cause neighbors to turn on neighbors. We are facing the highest national debt in US history, lower purchasing power, inflation that will not wane, a sharp wave in crime, a housing crisis, two proxy wars with a third on the way, and no one has taken a stand to calm the fear of uncertainty that has caused the people to lose all trust in government.

Where is the POTUS, the commander-in-chief? Not only do the American people need the president, but all of Washington needs a centralized authority figure to connect each branch and cabinet. One of the president’s primary roles is to ensure that all of Washington is working collectively, but our current president is nowhere to be found.

Joe Biden has addressed the public on fewer occasions than any other president in the past four decades. The Times wrote, “For anyone who understands the role of the free press in a democracy, it should be troubling that President Biden has so actively and effectively avoided questions from independent journalists during his term.”

The Times even endorsed Joe Biden during the 2020 US Presidential election, but now they are forced to admit that the president is a failure. “That systematically avoiding interviews and questions from major news organizations doesn’t just undermine an important norm, it also establishes a dangerous precedent that future presidents can use to avoid scrutiny and accountability. That is why [publisher A.G.] Sulzberger has repeatedly urged the White House to have the president sit down with The Washington Post, The Wall Street Journal, Reuters, CNN and other major independent news organizations that millions of Americans rely on to understand their government.”


The press secretary refuses to answer questions on behalf of the president. He has been seen with note cards that dictate which reporters he may call upon during Q&A sessions, and those reporters are equipped with pre-approved easy questions. All of this is a deliberate attempt to hide Joe Biden’s failing mental health, as he always misspeaks when not reading directly off of a teleprompter. And people want another four more years of this mess?

I reported in December that Biden had spent at least 40% of his entire presidency on vacation. The man with arguably the most important job in the world has set the record for taking more time off than any other president, collectively absent for over a year of his first and hopefully last term. He has only held four events before 10 AM and around a dozen past 6 PM. His former Press Secretary, Jen Psaki, once said that he does nothing prior to 9 AM, but it is closer to 10 AM if you look at any of his public schedules.

How will Biden physically manage an additional four years when he is not fit enough to currently hold office? He has refused to take a mental health examination, but we simply do not need one at this point. A company would crumble if the person in charge was absent, avoidant, or dismissive of any real responsibilities. But we accept this level of incompetency for the person in charge of a nation?