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The Part-Time President

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2022_03_15_08_11_45_Biden_heads_to_Delaware_during war

Most Americans are using their saved vacation days to spend time with family during the holidays. Somehow, the man with arguably the most important job in the nation has been out of office for most of his recent career. Joe Biden has spent at least 40% of his presidency on vacation as he no longer has the stamina to be an effective leader.

Biden set the record for the least number of days on the job back in August when he missed his 367th day to take a vacation or one year completely out of office. The president works a maximum of 30 hours per week, which makes him a part-time employee. He has only held four events before 10 AM and around a dozen past 6 PM. His former Press Secretary, Jen Psaki, once said that he does nothing prior to 9 AM, but it is closer to 10 AM if you look at any of his public schedules.

I believe the issue is not Biden’s work ethic but his mental and physical health – he is not fit to hold office.

The mainstream media likes to point out that former President Ronald Reagan kept a firm 9 to 5 schedule and often took off for mid-week retreats. Former President Ronald Reagan similarly kept an abbreviated work schedule as president as he aged well into his 70s. “Show me an executive who works long, hard hours, and I’ll show you a bad executive,” Reagan proclaimed during the 1980 presidential campaign. The difference here is that Reagan could do his job on his own schedule effectively. The same could be said of President Trump who worked long hours but was constantly photographed at the golf course. There is a difference between having a flexible schedule and simply being absent.

Biden, on the other hand, has fled to his beach house in Delaware at every opportunity. If a major crisis occurs, we can count on our commander-in-chief to take off on vacation, leaving the public high and dry. Look at the Maui fire disaster in Hawaii. Biden was photographed lounging on the beach during the crisis, and told reporters he was not taking questions as he was off the clock.

Bernie Sanders, consistent as ever, believes Biden is a good example for ushering in the 30-hour workweek. Instead, federal employees were denied additional time off during the holidays.

There is no one at the helm. Biden is a part-time Carpe Diem president. If anyone in the establishment cared about the people, they would let that man retire and seek the care he clearly needs. There is no way that this man can last another four years in office.