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Trudeau Fails to Explain Democracy to Meloni

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Italian Prime Minister Georgia Meloni tuned out Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau as he attempted to explain to her “democracy.” Is democracy when you jail peaceful protesters and lock them and their associates out of their bank accounts? Is democracy when you force all citizens to stay inside and force them to receive a vaccine to enter or exit the country? Perhaps democracy is when you set up the best-disguised eugenics program in the modern world. Justin mounted his high horse to discuss LGBTQ rights in Italy.

Naturally, Italy is a Catholic nation engrained in traditional values. “Canada is concerned about some of the positioning that Italy is taking in terms of LGBT rights, but I look forward to talking with you,” Trudeau reprimanded Meloni at the recent G7 meeting. Meloni later called Trudeau a “victim of fake news.” Italian newspaper Libero ran an article the following day featuring Trudeau in his famous Arabian nights blackface costume entitled “Questo Buffone Vuole Darci Lezioni” meaning “This Buffoon Wants to Teach You Lessons.” Clearly, the Italian people do not want a woke leader to change their values.

Gay marriage is legal in Italy. However, the government only considers the biological parent in a same-sex union to be the parent. Additionally, the government has condemned the woke agenda. “Being a man or a woman is rooted in who we are, and can’t be changed,” Meloni said. Meloni also called surrogacy a form of “slavery” and controversially said that children need a mother and a father.

The people of each nation should choose who leads them. Meloni’s government is what the majority wanted and Trudeau has no place changing Italian values. Italy has undergone numerous measures this year to prevent it from being pulled into this concept of a one-world government and culture. Italy banned the use of synthetic or cell-based cuisines and bugs “to safeguard our nation’s heritage and our agriculture based on the Mediterranean diet,” Meloni’s Health Minister Orazio Schillaci stated. Only in 2023 would we need to ban bugs in food. The nation also passed a ban on Anglomania or English words and reiterated that Italian must be the country’s primary language. Abortion is legal within the first 90 days of pregnancy in Italy, but medical providers can choose not to perform them for religious reasons. In Canada, you can abort yourself once you turn 18 through MAID.

Nations that wish to retain their individual identities will need to fight. The European Union is anything but united because each nation is still holding on to its personal identity. The people at the top, the WEF global elites like Young Leader Trudeau who support the Great Reset, actually think we can erase history and Build Back Better to be one united world. It’s not happening.