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One-Third of Canadians Support Killing the Homeless – Modern Eugenics

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Canada’s largest eugenics program is underway after MAID (Medical Assistance in Dying) was expanded to include those without terminal illnesses. Someone may qualify for MAID if they are simply “too poor to live with dignity,” according to the Canadian government. A recent poll found that, while most Canadians are against the idea, one-third support assisted suicide to eliminate the homeless population.

Over a quarter of participants strongly (11%) or moderately (16%) agreed that poverty alone is a good cause for government assisted suicide. Again, the majority of Canadians do not agree with these measures but it is alarming that a significant portion of the voting population approves of blatant murder. Instead of helping those unable to receive medical treatment, 51% of respondents said these people should be killed by the government instead. Half of those polled stated that anyone with a disability should also die. Those with mental illnesses, even if treatable, should be killed according to 43% of respondents.

This is disturbing. About 24% stated that parents should be allowed to kill their terminally ill children without punishment. MAID has been continually expanded to kill off the undesirables, or the “useless eaters” as Hitler called them.

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(A eugenics propaganda poster from the 1930s in London)

Hitler implemented sterilization programs for the “useless eater” class as soon as he took office. Yet we forget that many Western countries implemented similar programs around this time as well. In 1907, long before Hitler came to power, America first passed a sterilization law in Indiana to prevent criminality, mental problems, and pauperism. Pauperism, or poverty, was thought to be a genetic trait that could be eliminated through selective breeding. The US had eugenics sterilization programs in effect until Skinner v. Oklahoma was unanimously passed in 1942. Sweden, Denmark, Norway, and Finland passed similar laws around this time too. A simple cleft lip could be enough for someone to undergo forced sterilization or euthanasia. The UK Mental Deficiencies Act of 1913, promoted by Winston Churchill, sent half a million disabled people to psychiatric wards where they underwent forced sterilization. The UK and other nations did not repeal their eugenics programs until the 1940s, erasing their dark history and pointing the finger at Hitler as the sole evil mind behind the eradication of undesirables.

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In modern-day Canada, those with treatable mental illnesses will be permitted to kill themselves starting on March 17, 2024, after the original date was postponed. The previous ten-day reflection period has been removed for those with a “reasonably foreseeable” death. Those without terminal illness must wait 90 days but “this period can be shortened if the person is about to lose the capacity to make health care decisions, as long as both assessments have been completed.”

Most victims die within 10 to 30 minutes of taking the end-of-life cocktail, but some survive and suffer horrible complications. Victims can be coerced into ending their life intravenously or orally, although the oral route can often take up to 24 hours. I will not state what is in the euthanasia cocktail.

It is extremely disturbing that most of the population supports killing the undesirables. They’re even considering extending this measure for children. This is blatant eugenics at play. There will be many people who become coerced into suicide because they are told they are a burden on society during a vulnerable moment. They are opening the door to a dangerous game where the government will be able to legally eliminate anyone deemed undesirable from society.