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The Real Conspiracy – Hillary & Pelosi

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Hillary Pelosi

While everyone is left scratching their head as to why Pelosi, who said impeachment was bad for the country, she suddenly changed and became of its greatest supporter in the Democrats. Then she held on to the articles of impeachment for about a month which she pretended was to force witnesses to be heard in the Senate, when she knew that her tactics were unconstitutional and even members of her own party were left trying to figure out just what the heck was she up to?

The 2016 election was stolen from Bernie which is why he went to complain to Obama after the votes were rigged and given to Hillary in California. Only after Bernie went to the White House and Obama told him to suck-it-up and take one for the team, did Bernie support Hillary.

This time, the Democrat power-brokers behind the curtain are looking to prevent Bernie once again from winning the nomination. But they also know that Joe Biden is damaged goods and they have no candidate who could possibly win against Trump.

Behind Curtain Hiding

Our computer has been projecting a Trump victory in 2020, but this is not something that will be by a wide margin. We are going to rerun the models and double-check the data to make sure there is no mistake for as it stands now, Trump would win in a landslide looking at a candidate of Biden or Bernie. There is something else brewing behind the curtain for our model that seems to be suggesting a tighter race.

The Clintons have long been regarded as the most corrupt policial couple perhaps in American history. The scheme is to drag out the Impeachment hearing, not to actually get rid of Trump, but to tie up all the senators running in the Democratic Party and force them off the campaign trail. Why? This is not just to give Biden a clear path. They also realize that Biden and his son could be called as witnesses and that will be contested in the Supreme Court.

Nancy Pelosi

Then there is all this talk that Pence should be impeached and removed as well. That means the third person in line for the Presidency would be Nancy Pelosi in the flesh. The line of succession following the vice president is none other than the speaker of the House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi. After that, it is the president pro tempore of the Senate, and then the eligible heads of federal executive departments who form the president’s Cabinet.

I do not believe (opinion) this is being considered behind the curtain in any serious manner. However, it is being used as a distraction to hide from public view the real conspiracy behind the curtain.

Hillary clinton evil

The REAL conspiracy is that the Democratic candidates will be so divided that at the convention, they will move to DRAFT Hillary relieving her of ever having to appear in any primary or suffer the arrows from the herd of contenders. Tieing up the Impeachment in the Senate will not prevent Trump from campaigning, but it will clear the field of Democrats with an eye on the White House.

The only way to defeat the Hillary conspiracy is if Sen. Michael Bennet, D-Colo., Sen. Amy Klobuchar, D. Minn., Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., and Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass. RECUSE themselves from the trial because they are running against Trump. Under the Constitution, they are REQUIRED to be there. Even this would be a legal question: Do they have to still attend if they RECUSE themselves? The Impeachment has created a real mess even for the Democrats.

Let’s see. Our sources are usually pretty good. But this seems to be a real conspiracy in the works.