The Democrats are Silencing RFK

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The Democrats are afraid of Robert F. Kennedy Jr. He is exposing the truth behind their lies, and the powers that be are silencing him. YouTube has begun scrubbing videos featuring RFK from their site as they with anyone who questioned the pandemic. He already has a massive platform from his famous father and uncle. The establishment does not like those who expose their secrets.

Kennedy recently claimed that the CIA was responsible for killing his father when he ran for the presidency in 1968. Hearing about the blatant corruption among US intelligence agencies makes this claim plausible to many who would have previously dismissed it as conspiracy. He has been outspoken against the planned pandemic, writing books discussing his findings. He has spoken out against mainstream politicians and how they are above the law. He has been described as unconventional and has a certain headstrong appeal.

YouTube is owned by Alphabet (Google), so we can see where this is going. Kennedy also announced that he had been deplatformed from Instagram. Twitter seems to be the last social platform that will permit him to speak. Headlines are skewed to paint him as an oddball. Reuters reported: “Musk hosts Twitter event for anti-vaxx Democratic candidate RFK Jr.” Over 64,000 people tuned in to hear him speak. Reuters called his run a “long-shot bid.”

“I think if we don’t protect free speech at all costs, we don’t have a functioning democracy,” Kennedy Jr. said during a free-wheeling conversation. How is it legal for the media to shut down the campaign of a presidential candidate? This is clearly election interference and an infringement on the 1A. The “always vote blue” and “anyone but Trump” crowd are beginning to listen to RFK. The more I learn about this guy, the more I agree with what he’s saying. Not on climate change, but he is anti-war, anti-woke, anti-vaccines, questions big pharma and the entire establishment. The Democrats would not try to silence him if they did not fear his message.

Kennedy on the orchestrated chaos the powers that be caused under the guide of COVID: